Babywearing can be many things: fun, convenient, magical. But it shouldn’t be frustrating or sweat-inducing!

As I found out the hard way, learning the proper babywearing techniques is important. I would have had much more success with my first child if I’d had the proper resources. I had a collection of improper slings and I didn’t understand correct positioning, which is of the utmost importance!

Although I have had much more success wearing my second child, I found out something else the hard way – it’s a really good idea to practice before the baby comes! You might think “How can I try out slings or wraps until I have someone to put in it?” Trust me, when you have a “newborn hangover” the last thing you want to be faced with is an intimidating length of fabric while you wonder how in the world you’re supposed to tie it around yourself and your baby. (Or how to assemble a buckle carrier or a ring sling or any other type of carrier for that matter.)

The best way to learn and to find out what kind of sling you prefer is to attend a local babywearing meeting, where Accredited Babywearing Educators can help you learn how to wear your baby. (If you don’t have a baby yet, there is usually a weighted doll that you can practice with!) Many of these groups also have lending libraries, so you can borrow and try out different types of slings to get an idea of what you like before you buy. The link below contains a list of Babywearing International Chapters to help you find a babywearing group in your area. Go to a meeting, ask questions, try out some slings and wrapping techniques. It’s never too early to start practicing, and it’s never too late to start wearing your baby! Even my four year old likes to be worn!